Airports en-route…

Obviously any journey by aeroplane would not be complete without the inevitable bit of frisking at security.  Having taken off everything that could potentially contain any metal, I was sure that I would not get caught out.  How wrong could I be??  Even after removing my watch and rings (apart from earrings), wearing newly acquired Birkenstock which almost certainly consist entirely of plastic and elasticated leggings and woolly jumper, I still managed to hit the jackpot!  Hearing the ‘familiar’ dingdong (well it seems to happen to me every time I fly…), I could not believe it.  Maybe there was some metal after all in the flip flops and there are always dangers in wearing an underwired bra (must make a note of going bra-less through security next time…)…  Unfortunately, these days – well, at least in terminal 4 – the frisking is preceded by the rather publicly standing in this cubicle, legs spread and arms up in the air, whilst an unseen stranger glares through your layers of clothing to see what may be concealed.  I should be grateful for the unintended weight loss of last summer as at least he (maybe it was a she…) will have been spared any layers of flab and will have been greeted my rather trim size 10. (Please refrain from comments here…)

I have to learn to go with the flow and expect the unexpected…  There I was all ready to spend some time relaxing in the lounge, only to find out that there was no lounge at Terminal 4.  How disgraceful..  However, as it happened, after queuing and depositing my suitcases (how did I manage to take 43 kg?? And this does not even include my hand luggage!) and receiving an email from Madeleine (who organised my voluntary work) to ask me to email or take my qualifications to India, I had barely time to grab a coffee and some breakfast.   Emergency call to my son James was needed to ask him to dig out the document from a vague and rather unspecific location  and forward it to the said Madeleine – why do people wait until you have arrived at the airport to ask for vital documents… – and hopefully all will be resolved before I arrive in Trivandrum.  I always knew that this 10 hour stop-over in Mumbai would have its purpose…

Well, I eventually arrived in Mumbai and things did not quite pan out as hoped..  No luck with using the lounge as I was now on a domestic flight, so no chance of having a sleep in a relatively safe environment.  I had to find a supply of strong coffee to keep myself upright and caught the shortest of naps on the plane several hours later.  It was definitely a long night, but looking at the bright side: I finished a whole book!  The food on the plane was actually quite nice, but portions were only suitable for those on an extreme low calorie diet, so it was a relief to be collected from the airport and taken straight to a nearby hotel to have more curries… Before being whisked off to the school were all the children had been waiting for more than half an hour (flight was late as well…) to give me an official welcome with drum beating and some dancing and singing of the national anthem, and obviously the ubiquitous little bindi dot on the forehead and a bouquet of flowers…  Yes, I did have to do a speech and am expected to do another one tomorrow – better start preparing so I do not have to rely on my wits and blag it….

One thought on “Airports en-route…

  1. Greet

    Je hebt het schrijven nog niet verleerd als ik je verhaal lees. Ik heb de indruk dat je je wel amuseert. Ik kijk alvast ui T naar het volgende. Geniet maar met volle teugen.



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