One dosa, two dosas, three

I thought that as it is the weekend, I would treat myself to a more adventurous breakfast and  have a change from porridge and oats.  Result: I finally had one cup of real coffee, freshly brewed in my espresso maker.  Some improvisation was required, but that comes with the territory!

being resourseful...    real coffee

And to top it all I made dosas!  For those not in the know they are essentially pancakes made from a fermented batter made with ground rice and black lentils.   I cheated and used ready made dosa mix, only water to be added….  And in the good tradition of anything that resembles pancakes, it took three attempts to produce a more or less acceptable one…  Just with a sprinkling of sugar and a green banana, heaven!!!  Next time I will definitely try cooking masala dosa ( a stuffed dosa…)

first attempt   second attempt      third attempt      breakfast                  one dosa                      two dosas                     three….                         breakfast!

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