Teaching English as a Foreign Language

After my first few days in India, I would say that teaching English will certainly be the easiest part of my venture.  Being in the classroom is almost like going back in time to the days of doing supply teaching.  Although the country and the content of my teaching may be different, it is still doing mostly what I have been used to.

With the addition of the singing…  lack of the internet and other resources that are at the fingertips of teachers in the Western world have made me resort to using the one musical instrument available to most humans: vocal cords.  I am pleased to say that the five and six year olds do not seem to take offence at the discordant notes and the fact that my singing would probably even put the proverbial cat to shame (Flemish idiom)…

Last week I tried to use my laptop and iPad at school and even tried to use the loudspeakers that boost the sound coming from my iPod.  To no avail – although I can hear the music easily when I am in my grand accommodation, the acoustics in the classrooms leave a lot to be desired and the songs are a mere whisper in a classroom filled with enthusiastic and eager children.  It is not helpful that using any kind of technology is such as novelty to them that they get terribly excited and the noise of their talking and also singing drowns out any noise coming from my voice-saving devices.  Sadly, I shall have to keep up the singing and possibly have to increase my repertoire as the appeal of ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ will soon wear off…

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