May its soul rest in peace

SAMSUNGThere is something very personal and intimate about choosing your own food, especially when it involves a chicken, fully fledged and very much alive, destined for your curry…  I took the plunge this  afternoon, and being born a farmer’s daughter, surely I know very well where meat comes from and have witnessed many a chicken coming to its end – and yes the expression ‘walking around like a headless chicken’ is not made up.

But the act of selecting the victim is quite something else.  On facing the noisy chickens, I hesitated slightly and found it difficult to look them into the eye, so I left the choosing to ‘the doctor’ (Really???  Or just a rather inaccurate translation for ‘man who will kill the chicken’??) with the instruction I wanted a small one.  I tried to  avoid watching what would happen next but as the price was determined by the live bird, I needed to see it hanging up by its wings – protesting rather loudly – on the weighing scale.

I discreetly withdrew from the premises and stood outside keeping my mind filled with other things than the goings-on inside.  And the last thing I felt like contemplating was eating this chicken, feeling extremely nauseous at the sound of all the hacking and slashing in the background.   A mere ten minutes (if that much) elapsed between the chicken happily clucking  away between its companions and the chicken being put in my hands neatly chopped  in bite-size pieces ready to be cooked – this is assuming it was the same chicken; as I refused to be witness to the atrocity, I have to rely on the honesty of the ‘doctor’.  But at that speed, at least there was not much suffering involved.

However,  I have now put the chicken right at the bottom of my fridge, where it will stay until it has lost its ‘live’ or room temperature and resembles the shop-bought ones and is properly dead…But I cannot let it go to waste after such a sacrifice!!

May its soul rest in peace and its flesh be tasty in my curry.

5 thoughts on “May its soul rest in peace

  1. elisabethkhan

    Dit stukje van jou was de aanleiding om mijn Kurukshetra gedicht van onder het stof te halen. Die persoonlijke confrontatie met wat we eten is niet altijd zo gemakkelijk 🙂



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