In memory of Moriah

moriah 2

It does not seem fitting that today I should be flippant and write about the trivial things in life, however amusing or interesting.  Today, I really would like to dedicate my writing to Moriah, who sadly died this week after too short a life.  And the knowledge that her body will finally be at peace is a comfort as ever since birth Moriah saw more of hospitals and medical intervention than most of us will experience in a life time.  Most of us mere bystanders, through her parents’ blog and Facebook we watched Moriah grow and blossom despite all the setbacks and obstacles.  Her smiles captivating everyone, her pain and suffering felt by all.

And although her going to heaven is tinted with great sadness for those who remain behind, there is so much to be thankful for: thankful that against all the odds and despite poor health, she was allowed to be with her loving and devoted parents for the last six years; thankful for the laughter and joy she gave to those whose hearts she touched; thankful that we got to meet her last Christmas and shared in her happiness; thankful that she will no longer be in pain and has found a place of rest in God’s care.

Moriah was born in January 2008, daughter of my niece Victoria and her husband Justin.

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