The massacre of ‘Silent Night’

xmas stars

nativity 3With Christmas looming, people are in overdrive.  Glittery tinsel, colourful giant stars, balloons, artificial Christmas trees and even the most garish nativity scenes are all on sale.  And a wide selection of Asian Plum cake and cream cakes is available from bakeries and the local supermarket. Christmas carols are

sung by the Christian faithful, and at school ‘Music Sir’ has his heart set on ‘ Silent Night’.  I have previously duly pointed out the errors in his version of the song, but I might as well not have bothered…  And as he is expecting me to sing the song to keep everyone on the right track,  I am really struggling to pull this off. Not only are we still circling ’round you Virgin’, shepherds are quacking instead of quaking, the in-fant sounds decidedly un-British-English (or any other version of English I am familiar with) and as for the old-English ‘thy’, in their version it rhymes with ‘me’.  I will have another attempt at salvaging the song at tomorrow’s last ditch rehearsal, but fear it may be a doomed mission and I shall have to accept that ‘Silent Night’ will not have the same ring to it on the Indian sub-continent, more’s the pity.  I suppose  I shall just have to put my fingers in my ears to blot out the Indian version of ‘Silent Night’ whilst mouthing the correct words to the correct tune…

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