Sports Day in December!

Exams are finished!!!  No wonder the kids were all excitable yesterday afternoon and were not in the mood for any serious work.  And today, and also tomorrow, it is sports day.  With so many children taking part in so many different events, it cannot all be fitted into one school day…  Not that all the children came to school today; apparently attending sports day is optional and some parents feel their children would be wasting their time in a school if there is no teaching going on!!  But those who were present had a very enjoyable day and not many English children would have beaten them in any of the races…  Probably, English children would not have run and parents would have been up in arms watching children run barefoot on gravel, but in India, they did not bat an eyelid and I spotted many Zola Budds in the making….

bare feet run girls    bare feet running boys

The egg and spoon race has been reinvented as the ‘lemon and spoon’ race…

lemon and spoon

and I have finally seen there are many different ways to escape the unrelenting afternoon sun and none of them require Factor 30!!

ladies keeping cool

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