Cinderella shall go to the ball!!

Just one of the many shades available...

Just one of the many shades available…

Poor Cinderella, downtrodden and despised by her cruel stepsisters and evil stepmother, was always going to make it to the ball.  Mice, pumpkins, Fairy Godmothers and the like busied themselves and magic worked miracles: poor rags became glamour rags; rodents and vegetables turned into courtly carriages. All to ensure Cinderella would not escape her fairytale fate.  Happy endings for all…

So did the same forces conspire to my inevitable surrender to the ‘joys’ of Christmas as every attempt I have made to eradicate its existence this year has been thwarted…  Of all the places to go to in India, I chose the one with the highest number of Christians.  Weeks ago, outside a big department store in Trivandum, I bumped into ‘Christmas Father’, travelling with camels and reindeer alike.  Today’s Christmas celebration at Sai Krishna Public School was publicised well in advance and I stretched my Christmas spirit into teaching the children appropriately jolly Christmas Carols with a Caribbean overtone.  I gave in to ‘Music Sir’ and left him to his alternative version of ‘Silent Night’ and sang it on stage with the other teachers (well, I stuck to the proper lyrics).  Only yesterday, I donated an abandoned string of Christmas lights found in a store cupboard in my home to Anandu, as I had no intention of putting them up. Today, I almost avoided buying a Christmas cake, but it will now be maturing on the bottom shelf of the fridge as I will not be here to eat it.  And to top it all, my lucky dip Christmas present was a light-up Christmas tree of the sort that changes colour at the blink of an eyelid and otherwise looks very unexciting. Why could it not have been a box of chocolates, a gift that does not particularly scream Christmas at you???

The message could not be clearer or louder: Christmas has cometh and I shall enjoy!!  At least Cinderella was a willing participant… and there was a prince at the end…  But then, hang on, with still four days to go to 25th December and some travelling to do, who knows what might happen by Christmas Day???

4 thoughts on “Cinderella shall go to the ball!!

  1. andy pickersgill

    Lieve. I will have a box of chocolates ready for you when you get back. Have a lovely different christmas with christmas father on the camel. Spoit image now forever. Andy x



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