The sweet smell of victory.

A little rebellion has never done any harm, and even in India where women are meek, sometimes it pays off!!  Although I cannot be entirely sure that my standing up to the management in support of the female teachers was indeed the deciding factor in the manager’s change of heart about Annual Day, I cannot help but feel a tad smug today.  We shall be free on Sunday 25th to do whatever we had planned and Annual Day is back on for Monday 26th, the day it was intended to be! It could always be coincidence that the ‘speaker’ who earlier on this week was not available on 26th January suddenly found a gap in his busy schedule to do his little performance at the school on that day, but somehow I think the manager may have been persuaded to at least put a bit of pressure on the speaker…

So what’s on the agenda for 25th January?? I am going to a wedding, I believe.  I have also suddenly realised, with time marching on, I still have to fit in the Ayurvedic massage as promised… Maybe this weekend I can treat myself to a little relaxation to celebrate the teachers’ victory.

4 thoughts on “The sweet smell of victory.

    1. Doreen Frusher

      Well done, I do look forward to these updates they make me smile and it’s good to hear you’re enjoying yourself, even if a little smugly!!



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