Experiencing the authentic India.

umbrella 1I had decided to finish phase one of the Indian adventure in the same manner as I started it, with a visit to the sun blessed beaches of Kovalam.  And in true style, on Sunday I managed pretty much a repeat as the red beacon of my nose can testify today… At least this time I was wearing my swimsuit, so I pampered myself with a refreshing swim in the sea.  Mostly, the towering waves in Kovalam are rough and uninviting, but yesterday the tide was out and the baby surf was easy to navigate.  So I indulged in giving my sun-deprived skin the full benefit of sea, sand and sun.  And I mean sun-deprived because during school days there is no opportunity to explore the great outdoors:  children do not have playtime, just a 5 minute toilet break in the morning, and the thirty minute lunchtime is barely enough to eat a Kerala lunch with your right hand; physical education amounts to a mere 40 minutes per week in a shady corner.  Not that the locals worry about the lack of sunlight on their skin as they prefer to use umbrellas to shield themselves from any rays that may darken their skin even further.  Such is the difference between the white tourists and their Indian counterparts that where white people cannot expose enough skin, Indian tourists cover up and avoid the sun at all cost.  So umbrellas on the beach are a must, and not just the colourful ones that line the seafront…

umbrella 3

Indian overlooking the sea under shelter

fat lady

Too much white flesh exposed to lots of sun..

And clearly the Indian experience is only authentic for those who properly do as the Indians do. So, I found UK Dave (or was it Mike?) from somewhere up North, but currently on a three year secondment in Chennai and having a Kovalam weekend break, who was intent on the full adventure on the beach.  Not merely content as most tourists to take photographs of the hard working fishermen, he set an example to all onlookers and merrily joined in with the hauling in of the nets. He may not have shared in the singing of the folk songs that accompanied the heavy trawling by the natives, but he certainly put his back into it…mike from scotland 2 mike

6 thoughts on “Experiencing the authentic India.

    1. lievelee Post author

      India is a fascinating country with lots of interesting things to see and experience… I am now in China, a different world altogether. Equally fascinating, but much more Western than I had expected… but that is probably because I have so far not really travelled into the more rural parts, just stayed in a nice, comfortable town south of Shanghai.



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