Battling the enemies in India..

You may be surprised to find that they are actually not the human kind…

Last night I managed to trap a busy cockroach, scurrying around in my bedroom!  Thank goodness I caught it as I would not have slept a wink otherwise; and as the creature did not do me any harm really, I set it free this afternoon when I returned from school..  I must admit, as it was pretty motionless by then, I had assumed it had moved onto the next world, but clearly on landing on the stones of the courtyard,, it quickly recovered and hastily disappeared under another stone somewhere.

cockroach 2

And when I opened the curtains this morning, I was greeted by the hugest spider ever….  This time, I did not even attempt to capture it, but waited patiently until it decided to move of its own accord.  I have not yet checked my bedroom to see if it has found its way out….  but I am not aware of any dangerous or poisonous spiders around in the area!!

I decided to leave this one in peace...

I decided to leave this one in peace…

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