Dressing the part

Many apologies for the quality of the photographs, but I only had my phone handy. Hope to produce some better ones soon.

school 1 Dressing the part….  although I do not (yet…) follow the other teachers’ suit and wear a sari.  This is me wearing my smarter churidar, because we went to a ‘function’ after school – more about that in another post…


Lunch time at school Indian style: cold curry – I assume I will get used to it and to be fair, sometimes it tastes just as good.  And why use fork and knife – it only creates more washing up (I have to admit to cheating once and taking a spoon  to school…)  Most teachers cook their lunch in the morning, but all the chopping of the garlic, ginger and chillies is just too much on an empty stomach, so I make a big portion the evening before, reheat it in the morning, only for it to be stone cold by lunch time…  Maybe I could save myself the job of reheating!  By the way, forget about fridges and microwaves in the staffroom…  We are still at the level of using blackboards and chalk in the classrooms…



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